Introduction of ESP8266 Node MCU And Getting Started with LED blink using the Arduino IDE

In this tutorial we are going to learn introduction of ESP8266 Node MCU.How to get start with this ESP8266?

We are going to use here the Ardino IDE to write custom firware that is gonna be download on the board & execute it.

The material required for this tutorial are:-

  • The micro USB cables.
  • The ESP8266 development board. [ ]
  • I have taken solderless breadboard because it is easy to use & i prefer this.
  • We are going to need the Node MCU lua ESP12e ESP8266 Wifi development board. This is the open source IOT platform.

    It has serveral benefits of using this board like it is having necessary circuitary to manage the voltages and it is really very good that it manages 3.3v on the board.The USB to UART interfacing makes it very simpler to connect the computer.To configure ESP8266 we are going to use the AT commands are sent via serial UART interface. this is the list of AT commands.

I will tell you how to configure the ESP8266 with AT commands in next tutorial.
Ardino IDE is compatible to ESP8266 node MCU. Now go to the website for downloading this software.
This file is better for windows. Depending on the OS,you can will take few minute to download.

I have already downloaded this one.
For connecting USB to ESP8266, we need USB to UART bridge driver. which is downloaded from silicon labs.
if we are not having the driver installed, it indicates yellow triangle for downloading the driver,go through the  (site a silicon lab. & download as per your os)
let us check the driver if it is installed or not, right click on computer→ manage →device manager→ports.
here silicon lab is already installed. you can also check further properties.
install both the software.
for that Open the ardino go to file→preferences.
Addiotional boards manager URLS.

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